INSPIRE Opportunities




We are pleased to annouce that once again we are able to offer studentships via the INSPIRE project. 

These research studentships will be open to medical and dental students at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Exeter Medical School and Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry from their first until their penultimate year (years 1-4 for medics, years 1-3 for dentists).


Students must have satisfied the requirements for their course progression, and have no outstanding issues with professionalism. Students may only submit one application per year. Students awarded the prize will precluded from further application, but otherwise students may apply on multiple occasions.


Students will need to complete the mini-grant application, which includes the following parts and return to Sue Bosley ( form by 9am on the 20th March 2014; late applications will be excluded:


a)    a description of the research attachment;

b)    details of student’s career and experience of research to date;

c)    a statement from the research supervisor/host, outlining how the student will be involved and supervised, and confirming their agreement to host the student.


Four INSPIRE studentships of £1000 (or £1250 for those applying outside PCDM) are available, intended to support the research attachment, and will be awarded to the best application as judged on the criteria described below. Academic excellence is the main criteria but the applications will be judged with a view to equitable distribution across the two emerging schools. The INSPIRE studentships are NOT intended to supplement alternative sources of funding for the work planned, but applications to other bodies are not a bar from application. Should a student be awarded funding from another internal or external source in addition to an INSPIRE studentship, they will be expected to choose between them and to withdraw from one. Should the panel become aware of dual funding, it will lead to the studentship being withdrawn.


Entries will be judged by the INSPIRE committee supplemented by the successful students from the year before.  The Panel will be able to co-opt, or seek review from, relevant experts if a submission is outside their collective expertise. If one of the panel has a personal link to any of the entries, they will be asked to absent themselves from the discussion of that entry and all involved in the review process will keep the contents of applications and panel discussions confidential.


Entries will be judged against the following criteria:


  • The content and structure of application, and the accuracy of the writing (including grammar and punctuation).
  • Academic potential suggested by the entire application and supported by the reference.  
  • Specific elements to be assessed will include: 
  • The research project itself as a learning opportunity 
  • The suitability and potential offered by the research attachment 
  • The role of this research experience in student’s future career 
  • The academic reference 

    Successful applicants will notified by 6th April 2014. They will be expected to present a brief account of their experience at the annual INSPIRE projects conferences and / or at a careers evening the following academic year. A short Report will be written within 3 months of the attachment for INSPIRE Committee, and will be acknowledged in by the Prizes and Awards committee at the annual prize giving event.

    INSPIRE Studentship Application Form