About the Society

Statement from our Founder

On behalf of all members, I would like to welcome you to The Peninsula Medical and Dental Research Society, which was founded to support the increasing interest in research amongst students.

The society will endeavour to bridge the gap between the undergraduate courses and research, through the provision of talks and networking events with leading scientists, facilitating research placements for students as well as fostering new proposals and past projects. 

The PMDRS website will be the main platform through which events and prizes will be advertised, with student and international works published and continuously updated.

It will also act as a hub for the sharing of ideas via the forum, in the hope that future collaboration between different parties will ensue.

At the society's core is the aim to support students, as such we would encourage you to share your ideas, present relevant projects, or just let us know whether you are interested in research placements and we will try to help you or find someone who can.

Finally, we hope the society will grow into a collaborative network between Peninsula students, pushing boundaries in the field of medicine and dentistry through the delivery of the highest quality research.


Rachel Dbeis

Founder of Peninsula Medical and Dental Research Society