We are Peninsula Medical and Dental Research Society. Research is a huge aspect of medicine, dentistry and clinical science, as evidence from these studies forms the basis of what is practiced in our professions today. We offer our student members the opportunity to learn more about the cutting edge research that goes on in the world of health, and get involved in projects themselves.

Our aim is to increase our members' exposure to the world of research by organising lectures, updating members with news on the latest breakthroughs in research, and finding placements and opportunities for those wanting to experience it first hand. Through gaining this valuable experience, we hope it will enrich your learning and also strengthen future job prospects by giving interesting and unique experiences to add to your CV.

We'd recommend joining up today to make sure you are kept up to date with all the opportunities we have to offer! You can also receive facebook updates by liking our facebook page. You can find this by clicking here.